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Austin Slow Burn is a national-award winning line of gourmet fiery foods, specializing in a variety of salsas, quesos, jellies, marinades and sauces. At Austin Slow Burn we create vivid, refreshing flavors followed by our famous “slow burn” - a wave of warmth that feels like falling in love. Whether you need to impress a special someone or entertain friends, our delicious offerings are sure to be a hit.

Based in the beautiful capital city of Austin, the heart of Texas, Austin Slow Burn has been owned and operated by Jill and Kevin Lewis since 1994. After 35 years in the restaurant business, Jill and Kevin were determined to create a line of products that proved that you did not have to sacrifice magnificent, garden-fresh flavors for chile-heat, or vice-versa. Furthermore, they wanted people to be able to experience the unique flavors of the chiles themselves, effected by their nuanced knowledge of how to bring those flavors forward using the finest, fresh ingredients available.

Their first creation was Salsa con Habanero. This fire-roasted salsa was originally given as gifts to family and friends made from an extremely bountiful harvest of habaneros and tomatoes from their own backyard garden. The salsa’s popularity paved the way for more to follow. With the success of their first product, two more soon followed: The Habanero Jelly with Rosemary, and the Jamaican Jerk Marinade. Both of these products have won numerous first place awards at the National, State, and local levels. Increasingly available throughout Texas and a growing number of other states, you probably know about our Green Chile con Queso. This legendary comfort food is a must-have for your home. Also look out for our unrivaled Creamy Jalapeño dip! Throw your tastebuds into overdrive with this deluxe-version, refined by one of the original purveyors of this classic sauce.

Many of our products (such as our Green Chile con Queso, Jamaican Jerk Marinade, all of the jellies/jams, and more) are available in bulk portions for restaurants, pubs, and cafés.

In June of 2013, Jill Lewis passed away. She is greatly loved and sorely missed, but her words still ring, “Peace, Love, and Chiles, Baby!”

Visit our website often and keep up with our new creations. You never know what trouble we can get ourselves into.



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