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Austin Slow Burn is a national award winning line of gourmet fiery foods that has been owned and operated by Jill and Kevin Lewis since 1994. After 35 years in the restaurant business, Jill and Kevin were armed with a knowledge of Chile Peppers and the talent to create flavorful foods with the benefit of just the right balance of heat. Educating people that chiles come not only in different heat levels but flavors as well was their next challenge.
Their first creation was Salsa con Habanero. This fire-roasted salsa was first given as Christmas presents made from an extremely bountiful harvest of habaneros and tomatoes from their backyard garden. Soon, the recipients of these gifts were back on their doorstep begging for more and more and more.The lightning bolt hit and Jill and Kevin thought, “Maybe we should bottle and sell it”. After many years of talking about it and getting certified as food manufacturers, on New Year's Eve of 1993 the gauntlet was laid on the table: “We have to do it this year or never speak of it again.”  
Never being one to pass up a challenge, but with very little money, Jill set off to get a label design. This was not an easy task. Luck was with her though and she met up with Susan Manzello, a very talented woman who was just starting up a graphic design company. They met at a coffee house where Susan said she would come back in a few weeks with some ideas for a label. Jill hoped she wasn’t just wasting Susan’s time. But, low and behold, the first drawing placed on the table was the one that became Austin Slow Burn’s first label. With the success of their first product, two more soon followed: The Habanero Jelly with Rosemary, and the Jamaican Jerk Marinade. Both of these products have won numerous first place awards at the National, State, and local levels. Currently, the product line is now 9 products (all have won awards), with 3 more waiting to be launched.
In March of 2006, Kevin Lewis decided to go fulltime at Austin Slow Burn. His first project was to build a commercial kitchen in Austin, Texas. Now, they have a space of their own and are growing a product line on the fast track (it is amazing what you can do when you’re not cooking at 2:00 in the morning in borrowed space). In addition to this,  they are now co-packing for other companies.
It has been very exciting and very much of a learning experience. Keep your eye out for new products such as Green Chile con Queso, Chiplotle Steak Sauce, and Jalapeno Jelly.
Visit our website often and keep up with our new creations. You never know what trouble we can get ourselves into.



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