Austin Slow Burn is a national award winning line of quesos, salsas, jams, pasta sauce and jerk marinade. We focus on the flavor and quality of our products with the added bonus of a slow heat. Only quality ingredients are used and all recipes are made in small batches so that we guarantee freshness. Made in the heart of Austin since 1994. Peace, Love & Chiles, Baby!

Our Story

Austin Slow Burn started out as a Christmas gift. Jill and Kevin Lewis would make jars of homemade salsa to hand out to friends at the holidays. It was such a hit that the recepients urged them to start selling it. All the positive feedback convinced them they should try to make it into a business and Austin Slow Burn was born. The Christmas time gift became their first product, Salsa con Habanero. From there the Jerk Marinade and Habanero Jelly came along and after some years of experimentation the rest of our line came about.

Jill and Kevin became well known in the grocery stores around Austin as they always had on their chili pepper/flame shirts. Their fashion sense and fun personalities made them stand out and Jill's constant presence in places like Central Market and Whole Foods made them memorable.


Both Kevin and Jill used to work in the restaurant business. For years they'd wondered why you couldn't buy good quality queso off the shelf. All the options were underwhelming or full of unpronounceable ingredients. They decided to fix that problem and released their Green Chili con Queso and it was an instant hit. It's been given lots of praise over the years and it's popularity has only grown.